November, 2010. A number of WEBS members attended SenSys '10 in Zurich, and presented two papers + one BuildSys paper: "sMAP — a Simple Measurement and Actuation Profile for Physical Information"  pdf, "Design and Evaluation of a Versatile and Efficient Receiver-Initiated Link Layer for Low-Power Wireless"  pdf (best paper) and "HBCI: Human-Building-Computer Interaction," in the BuildSys workshop.

May, 2010 "Enabling Green Building Applications," a short paper describing the architectural underpinning of our building monitoring work has been accepted and will be presented at HotEMNets this summer.

The first public preview of blip-2.0 has been released; see the blip page for more details.

April, 2010 Our paper, "Multichannel Reliability Assessment," was presented at  IPSN 2010, in Stockholm, Sweden! This paper examines the reliability of multichannel communication in the context of well-connected networks in real-world WSN deployments. The paper is now  available and the experimental data can be downloaded  here.

Berkeley WEBS

The research vision of Berkeley WEBS (Wireless Embedded Systems) is focused on real-world wireless devices that communicate wirelessly to perform tasks such as sensing and actuation. Such systems often contain highly embedded and networked devices, often interact with people and their physical environment, and are highly constrained in resources such as computation and energy. These aspects raise significant systems research challenges, while at the same time presenting exciting opportunities to improve the technology of the future.


  • sMAP: A lightweight application protocol based on HTTP/JSON
  • blip: An IPv6 stack for TinyOS
  • StreamFS: A stream processing system to manage and process physical streaming data through overloaded distributed filesystem constructs.
  • ACme: Wireless AC Meter/Switch Real-time, fine-grained electricity metering
  • Motescope Testbed a 500-node testbed with fine-grained energy accounting
  •  tinyos: An operating system for networked, deeply embedded devices
  • LoCal: A Network Architecture for Localized Electrical Energy Reduction, Generation and Sharing
  •  Networking and MAC-layer Studies: Connectivity Measurements


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  • Jeff Hsu

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  • Samuel Rivera
  • Sushant Shankar
  • Minh Van Ly

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